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“I had a problem in my attic with mold when I was getting a quote to have my insulation replaced. Jack came out and was so amazing!! He gave me a detailed estimate and price plan and once the work started he never strayed from it. He keep me informed through the whole job and the guys that did the work left the place the way they found it. They had to remove the insulation and they took it out in sealed bags so nothing would track through my house. I have not made arrangements on having the insulation replaced just yet, but I would use this company again if I ever need to….but to be honest, I hope I never have to haha.” – Julie C.
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Mold, mildew and other substance found in the air can create health problems and also create damage to your structure and its contents if not detected and handled quickly and correctly. SynergyOne Solutions handles every need you have related to indoor air quality, mold inspection and testing and mold  cleanup and removal, throughout Quincy MA.

Indoor Air Quality and Mold Testing

Mold Testing Quincy MA – SynergyOne specializes in indoor air quality testing and indoor air quality assessment services. We work with businesses and individuals to identify and address indoor air quality issues at the first sign of a potential problem or complaint by an employee or occupant of a building or home. If you have ever noticed a musty odor in your attic, basement, or anywhere in your home or business, there is the possibility that you have mold.  You need to call a professional mold inspector to do a proper assessment.

A thorough indoor air quality (IAQ) survey is a process of elimination during which possible contributing elements to an indoor air quality problem are systematically isolated and confirmed or denied. Any perceived indoor air quality situation could be from a singular source or multitude of sources, none of which, if taken alone, would be of significance. There are currently no governmental standards related to indoor air quality testing with the exception of building code ventilation standards. However, there are many guidelines for what are considered to be acceptable levels of contaminants in office and home environments.

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Mold Inspection Process

Mold Inspection Quincy MA – An indoor air quality investigation, or mold assessment, will generally begin with a visual inspection of the site or premises followed by some combination of ambient and direct contact mold spore sampling within each suspected area. In addition, one ambient mold spore sample is performed on the outside of the premises in order to have a source for background comparison purposes.


All sampling is performed by a fully trained and certified technician. Once completed, all samples are immediately delivered to an independently owned and fully accredited third party laboratory for review and analysis. Copies of the actual written results are included in our final indoor air quality report. In addition to mold spore sampling, every indoor air quality investigation we perform in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont includes testing for levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity within each of the suspect areas and on the outside of the premises for background comparison purposes.

Mold Damage Quincy MA air quality testing Quincy ma

At the completion of every indoor air quality testing, our Quincy mold damage company provides a final indoor air quality report consisting of an analysis of the project, copies of laboratory results and our recommendations.

Indoor Air Quality Testing, Assessment and Sampling Services

We are able to test for the following: Oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, hydrogen sulfide, temperature, moisture and relative humidity.  We also test for black mold, fungi, yeast, bacteria, water/sewage legionella, MOC’s (Microbial Organic Compounds), allergens, dust mites, pollen and pet dander, silica, fiberglass, asbestos, and formaldehyde.

Mold Damage Cleanup and Removal Company serving Quincy MA

air quality testing Quincy maBecause mold grows in the where there is water, treating the original problem is crucial to preventing further mold growth. If the mold is caused by an ongoing water seepage problem then mold remediation cannot be done unless that problem is addressed first. It is also common to find basement mold damage and attic mold damage as both places tend to be dark, damp places.

To ensure quality of mold cleanup work, our certified technicians document the entire process and scope of work, take before and after pictures, and keep record of all detail to submit to the insurance company.  You will know exactly what we have done, and that we have done what we say we would do.  We keep to strict policies and procedures and start and finish every job by testing the air quality.

Mold remediation, like other mold damage cleanup, is a specialized service that should only be managed by a professional mold remediation contractor. Whether it’s a large commercial building or mold in your basement, we will preserve the integrity of area we are working and ensure the complete, safe removal of spores.

We know there are many options for mold damage companies you could choose from, so we want to thank you for choosing us as your mold inspection company. Contact Synergy One, your Quincy mold damage contractors, to learn how we can help you with indoor air quality, mold testing and mold removal in Quincy MA by calling 1-866-246-6789 or click on the Rapid Response button above and complete the form.

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Our Clients Say It Best

I wanted to take a moment to personally acknowledge the quality of work of Mark Unis from NEBR. During the restoration of our home it was apparent that Mark was there to not only do an incredible job for us but to go the extra distance to assure our expectations were exceeded every step of the way.

Mark was always on time, had a great attitude and was organized every step of the way. He saw to it that the sub contractors did their jobs to his standards and made sure he kept us up to speed on the progress of the job at all times.

It is rare to find someone with the work ethic Mark portrays in your line of work. Quite honestly I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone more passionate about their work quality than Mark was of his. I wouldn’t think twice about referring business to NEBR and Mark Unis in the future.

— Paul W.