Post Construction Cleaning Services

construction-cleanupSynergyOne has provided spotless Post-Construction Cleaning services for countless Construction companies and property owners throughout New England since 1995. Our professional Post-Construction Cleaning services are nearly unlimited in scope and we’ll do whatever it takes to prepare a site in MA, RI, CT, ME and VT for its official opening, regardless of the deadline.

Prior to commencing each Post-Construction Cleaning project, SynergyOne installs HEPA-filtered air scrubber units within each work area to remove dust and other particles from the air during the cleaning process. SynergyOne’s responsive teams will then meticulously clean, vacuum (using HEPA filtered vacuum units), dust, polish, wax, buff and treat every surface. Finally, all construction debris will be removed to make certain your home, office or facility is spotless upon arrival.

As part of each Post-Construction Cleaning project, SynergyOne will also inspect the components of the ventilation and exhaust systems servicing your home or business for cleanliness to avoid the potential for the release of dust and other particles into your newly-cleaned space.

Post Construction Finishing Work

  • Construction label removal
  • Woodwork cleaning and polishing
  • Door, molding, and trim dusting and wipe-down
  • Floor cleaning, waxing and buffing
  • Window frame and window sill cleaning (including paint or plaster removal)

Post Construction Cleaning Services

  • Window washing, inside and outside
  • Complete dusting services
  • Chandelier and light fixture cleaning
  • Full kitchen and bathroom sanitization
  • Shower, tub, sink, toilet, tile and mirror cleaning
  • Cupboard, cabinet and shelving cleaning, inside and out
  • Kitchen appliance cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC inspection
  • Garage and driveway sweeping and/or vacuuming
  • Debris removal and cleanup

Additional Commercial Post Construction Cleaning Services

  • Dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming and stain removal services
  • Office setup: cubicle assembly, furniture arrangement and equipment setup
  • Desk, filing cabinet, and other office furniture dusting and cleaning, inside and out
  • Dusting services for high or hard to reach areas (exposed ceiling pipes, vents, light fixtures, etc.)

Find out more about SynergyOne’s Post-Construction Cleaning services by contacting us at 866-246-6789 or click on the Rapid Response button above and complete the form.

Our Clients Say It Best

Chris, I want to thank you for being so kind during this tough time during Hurricane Irene. You made a bad thing easier for us by your take charge attitude and your knowledge of just what needed to be done.

— June D.