Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

SynergyOne’s Dryer Exhaust Cleaning Services in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island may very well save your house someday. Fire departments typically recommend Cleaning Dryer Exhaust systems and vents at least once a year to reduce the risk of fire. A study by the US Fire Administration has shown that Dryer Exhaust duct and vent fires result in over $88M in property damages, cause over 400 injuries and cost 15 people their lives each year. In addition, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 15,500 losses occur each year because of a lack of Dryer Exhaust Cleaning and maintenance.

The US Fire Administration also reports that operational deficiency – including failure to Clean the Dryer Exhaust system – is the leading cause of Dryer fires, accounting for 43.1% of fires. If a vent becomes clogged with lint, it can cause the Dryer machinery to overheat and could lead to a fire. Dust, fiber and lint specifically cause 27.8% of dryer fires, illustrating the need for thorough annual cleaning.

Common causes of Dryer fires include failure to Clean dryers and ventilation systems, storage of flammable items near the Dryer, use of improper materials in the ventilation system, leaving the dryer unattended, and over-drying. Many homes, for instance, continue to use plastic flexible ducts despite warnings that the plastic itself can become additional fuel for a fire.

Professional Dryer Exhaust Duct and Vent Cleaning

Ideally, the Exhaust line for a dryer should be no more than six feet long – otherwise, it is almost impossible for the system to fully expel all of the lint. Since each 90-degree bend or angle in the vent “counts” as five feet because of the accumulation associated with bends and angles, many dryer exhaust systems exceed the recommended lengths and collect lint and dust very quickly.

The longer a vent is – and the more 90-degree bends the ductwork has – the harder it is to clean. That’s why it is so important to ensure your Dryer Exhaust system is professionally cleaned at least once a year.

SynergyOne’s Dryer Exhaust cleaning services are performed by licensed professionals who have cleaned dryer exhaust systems for over 15 years. We take the time to clean your entire dryer exhaust system right.

Gas Vs. Electric Dryer Cleaning

Though only 20% of Dryers sold to homeowners today are heated by gas, they are touted as being more efficient to run. However, they pose some safety liabilities that should prompt owners to follow a more rigorous maintenance schedule including more frequent Dryer Exhaust system Cleaning.

In addition to normal Dryer Exhaust and moisture from clothes, gas Dryers also emit the byproducts of combustion. Dryers may also be located in an area where they share air with gas water heaters, furnaces or boilers. An abundance of gas fumes in the air in such areas, combined with the lint in the ventilation, can add-up to a dangerous mix if the dryer exhaust system is not thoroughly and professionally cleaned regularly.

In addition, carbon monoxide may start to build-up if there is blockage in the dryer ventilation system. Contact SynergyOne today for an indoor air quality test if you’re concerned about carbon monoxide levels resulting from your dryer and appliances.

Dryer Exhaust Fire Prevention Tips

When designing your dryer exhaust ventilation system, try to keep it short and minimize the number of bends and angles

  • Use semi-rigid or solid metal ductwork only
  • Have your dryer exhaust ventilation system professionally cleaned once a year
  • Keep flammable possessions and chemicals a safe distance from your dryer
  • Regularly check outside vent covers for blockage, freezing or damage
  • Clean lint traps after each use and vacuum or brush lint screens to prevent fibers from sticking
  • Do not use a dryer for highly combustible fabrics (frayed blankets, e.g.)
  • Be mindful of over-drying

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