Cooling Tower Cleaning

If a Cooling Tower’s water is not cleaned regularly and properly, studies have shown that the Cooling Tower’s efficiency will be reduced by 40% – 50%. Such reduced efficiencies mean increased operating costs and may affect production processes and chiller operations.

Cooling Tower Cleaning reduces the build-up of undesirable minerals and contaminants, increases operating efficiency and helps prevent the growth of Legionella. It has become a widely accepted practice to have Cooling Towers Cleaned twice a year, though a risk assessment analysis should be performed to determine a cleaning schedule based on your particular need.


SynergyOne’s technicians are highly-trained professionals who are equipped with state of the art safety and cleaning equipment and use only EPA registered cleaners and chemicals.

Cooling Tower Cleaning Services Summary

  • Locking and tagging-out the Cooling Tower
  • Setting-up safety gear and harnesses for the cleaning process
  • Scraping and removing build-up on all exposed surfaces
  • Power-washing all exterior and interior surfaces of the Cooling Tower, including:
    • Basins
    • Sumps
    • Fill spray nozzles and fittings
  • Disinfecting all exterior and interior surfaces of the cooling tower with special chemicals
  • Removing and disposing of all non-hazardous solid waste
  • Creating a Project Closeout Report with before and after digital photographs of the treated areas

SynergyOne Strictly Follows Established Safety Procedures

  • Adherence to Infection Control Procedures
  • Adherence to the facility’s safety guidelines
  • Adherence to OSHA Safety Training Guidelines

Find out more about SynergyOne’s Cooling Tower Cleaning services by contacting us at 866-246-6789 or click on the Rapid Response button above and complete the form.

Our Clients Say It Best

Hi New England Build & Restore –
A few words on our experience with NEBR, overall we were pleased. The workmanship was very good and we appreciated that our insurance company had a reference to a home building/renovation company that had extensive experience in historic homes. It is important that your folks did know how to work with the older wood frame construction and actually had a foundation in this type of work. I watched how your team approached the window issue and then physically handled them before, during and after the repair, as well as how they engaged with the adjacent building envelope. Their knowledge and approach was evident- so, good!

Again, thank you for your good work. We would call NEBR again should our house need some attention.

— Meryl L.