AirCare’s Mold Prevention Program

May 10, 2012

Whether the property is an office building, warehouse, retail, industrial or educational facility, indoor air quality (IAQ) is a serious concern for business owners, property managers and property owners. AirCare Environmental Services is the expert provider of IAQ management services for commercial, industrial, retail, restaurant, residential or health care properties. The rising health implications are creating economic and legal implications and more indoor air quality regulations and standards are being developed and enforced.

AirCare Environmental Services Standard Mold Remediation Process

  • AirCare’s trained and certified technicians commence each mold remediation project by first containing the contaminated area by erecting barriers made from 6-mil fire retardant poly sheeting to seal all openings, vents and other penetrations into or from the contaminated area in order to protect the surrounding area from cross-contamination.
  • The contaminated area is then placed under negative pressure using high powered, high efficiency particulate air filtered (HEPA) units and all airflow within the contained area is exhausted outside the premises.
  • Next, all unsalvageable porous items, mold contaminated sheetrock, wood, insulation materials and other contaminated building materials or items are removed and disposed of to an area outside the premises.
  • All vertical and horizontal surfaces and non-porous items within the containment are then vacuumed using HEPA filtered vacuum units and disinfected using an EPA approved disinfectant.
  • Additional steps may include encapsulating any wood beams or exposed framing materials with an EPA approved anti-microbial coating or encapsulant.
  • Testing and sampling is then performed and a final reports of our findings, data, copies of digital photographs taken during the remediation process and recommendations is the provided for each project.

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